TSSA says no to Underground staff cuts

London Underground tube train at a platform with a red footbridge above.

The biggest union in Transport for London (TfL), TSSA, has reacted angrily at the announcement for up to 600 jobs to be axed from London Underground stations and has vowed to resist any job cuts.

TSSA has called the staffing cuts “completely unacceptable” and the pre-Christmas timing “shameful”.

The announcement – made to a group of local reps without any prior warning – says that savings have to be made and that 500-600 station roles will be cut.

Lorraine Ward, TSSA Organising Director, said: "Cutting station staff is completely unacceptable. We need to encourage more people onto public transport, but cutting station staff will damage that effort.

“Staff are already fearful for their futures and the way that London Underground has snuck this out just weeks before Christmas is shameful.

“TSSA will fight these job losses and stand up for our members and passengers. We are totally opposed to any job cuts across London Underground and TfL.”

In a hard-hitting message to the government, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes added: “The Tories must stop playing political football with public transport in our capital city.  

“Government must provide – as is the case for major cities across the world – the Mayor the funds he needs to keep services running and safe staffing levels at all stations.”

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