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Health and Safety Area Rep Elections

We will be electing Area Health and Safety Representatives across Network Rail across all our Collective Bargaining Councils from 12th June to 21st July 2017.

What does a Health and Safety Rep do?


TSSA believes that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment that does not jeopardise their personal health and safety now or in the future.  TSSA is committed to taking on and challenging employers who fall short in providing such working conditions.   Where members suffer injury or ill-heath as a result of negligence, TSSA provides access to professional legal advice to help recover damages.  TSSA Health & Safety Reps are at the forefront of delivering this message. 


What will I do as a Health and Safety Rep?:


Investigate: Investigate complaints from/on behalf of members. Take up problems you identify yourself. Investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences.  


Inspect: Make a formal, planned inspection of the workplace at least every three months. Carry out extra inspections where there is to be, or has been, a change in the working conditions, or where new hazards information has become available.  


Get information: This means any information held by the employer that relates to health, safety and welfare (unless it identifies a particular member of staff). Reps have the right to see and take copies of any document that the employer is required to keep by law, such as risk assessments, safety policy, fire certificate, accident book etc. Reps have the right to see reports from the enforcement authorities.




What we need from you?


TSSA reps are, for most members, the first and main point of contact with TSSA, so you will need to attend “Reps Introduction” and “Health and Safety Reps Next Steps” training and use it at work to represent TSSA members’ interests, to the best of your ability. We will also expect you to uphold Network Rail and TSSA’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.


What support will TSSA provide?


TSSA will make sure you have the skills and confidence you need to be an effective Health and Safety Rep. You’ll have paid time off to attend our TSSA Reps training, and have access to information and advice from your Area and National Representatives as well as expert staff. TSSA will even keep you up to date with reference materials including monthly bulletins covering employment legislation, health and safety, and other workplace issues.


Network Rail will provide the time you need to fulfil your TSSA Health and Safety Rep duties, either to attend meetings or to complete training, and will cover any travel expenses you incur as a result. Network Rail must provide facilities and assistance that the Health and Safety Reps may reasonably require to carry out their role. This includes:


A telephone and quiet area where you can have private conversations as part of your role.


A notice board to circulate information to the employees you represent.

Time with the Network Rail and staff to discuss health and safety issues.


I want to find out more about the role?

See below Election leaflet, Rep Profile and Area Rep nomination form.

  H&S election leaflet Election leaflet

  H&S JD Rep profile

  H&S Area Rep nomination form 2017 Nomination form