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GWR: Clerical Divisional Council Update

An update for Clerical members from the latest Divisional council meeting covering:

  • Voluntary severance numbers from the grade
  • Payroll office move
  • Engineering Harmonisation
  • New payroll system
  • Overtime
  • Upcoming Elections

Voluntary Severance

We were advised of the 9 clerical graded peoples Job titles including their department directorate and proposed leaving date that will be taking Severance. Leaving dates are no later than 31 March 2022. We have been advised that these posts will not be backfilled and so to understand the impact on those left we have asked for a consultation paper to confirm where the work for these posts will migrate too. If you have concerns about this, then please get in contact.

Payroll office move

Whilst the payroll team have been working from home during the pandemic there have been plans to relocate the office from Bristol Temple meads due to the planned works at the station. An office has been found in Redcliffe way in Bristol called Desklodge. We asked a series of questions and are awaiting responses to some of these but in the meantime one of your reps will be in contact with the team to see if there any additional questions.

Engineering Harmonisation

There is an upcoming Ballot of members in Exeter Depot who are currently on Wessex terms and conditions, for several years the unions and the company have been working to harmonise the non-management colleagues onto GWR terms and conditions. TSSA will be recommending this offer to members.

New Payroll system

Currently the plans to get a new Payroll system are unlikely to happen in the near future therefore the contract with the current system (Cyborg) has been extended until March 2024.


We asked for clarity on whether there was an overtime ban for clerical grades, and it was confirmed that there was no blanket ban, but that overtime needed to be justified and requested in advance under the Emergency measures arrangements.

Upcoming Elections

Elections are due this year for Clerical grades and a timetable will be agreed for later in the year. In the meantime, we currently have 2 vacancies on the council for HQ clerical consistency and the West so if anyone is interested, please contact Alan Valentine by clicking here 

We currently don’t have any Clerical Health & Safety representatives that are very important when it comes to issues like office moves and ensuring that your workplace is safe. If you are interested in becoming a Health & Safety representative, please contact Alan Valentine by clicking here 

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