Cuts and collective grievances

Latest news covering Agile working, Capital Delivery cuts and Maintenance Engineers grievance. 

Return to Workplaces & Agile Working

As we hopefully return to some sense of normality over the course of this year, we will again face the issue of how to safely return people to workplaces.

Our members have clearly stated that you would prefer to retain some elements of agile working adopted during the pandemic. We want to capture the benefits of home-working alongside the welcome ability for greater interaction with colleagues face to face.

In the meantime, NR has announced the reduction in office capacity in some major locations such as Euston House, Eversholt St and Enterprise House.

The Company has told us that they have no strategy for the reduction in office space. This is plainly madness. There are so many questions that need answers from safety, health and wellbeing, to travel arrangements, desk allocation, tax implications, and many more.

Our Union’s position is that we need a Framework Agreement to draw together the various policies and considerations to enable a mutual benefit to our members and NR as an employer.

We’ve set up a team of Reps across Health & Safety, Equalities and Industrial Relations to lead this project, seek your views, and effectively campaign for the future of work.

Eastern Region, Capital Delivery Reorganisation

Network Rail have announced that they want to make a dramatic cut in jobs within CD in Eastern Region.

137 NR roles are affected alongside the elimination of contractor positions.

Our Union’s Reps are to be consulted over the change, with the first meeting scheduled for 26 March. Your Reps will be contacting members directly to seek your views ahead of the consultation.

We are concerned that this change in Eastern precedes potential changes in other Regions.

Therefore, we have formed a National Capital Delivery Rep team to support our Eastern Reps and anticipate any further proposals.

Wherever we see cuts proposed, TSSA will take a robust stand to protect jobs.

Maintenance Engineers

The collective grievance submitted by our members in Maintenance Engineer positions is finally being heard by the Company.

Our Union’s Reps have clearly stated that it is totally unviable to continue with the current workload and unsocial hours – none of which are recorded or rewarded.

It is unacceptable that Maintenance Engineers are paid less than Section Managers in many cases. There needs to be a clear differential to create a fair pay structure that also enables career progression through the grades.

Network Rail’s headlong rush to reduce or eliminate Red Zone working could well mean even more unsocial hours being required. It cannot be acceptable that Engineering Managers are asked to work more nights without any unsocial hours payments. 

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