Action short of strike: do not participate in P&D process

After TfL imposed 'Pay for Performance' in 2015, TSSA balloted its members and secured a mandate for action short of strike.

All TSSA members in TfL pay bands 1-3 should continue to take action short of strike, as follows:

  • Members are instructed not to work beyond their contractual hours. This includes all non-contractual overtime, refusing out of hours phone calls, taking full meal breaks and VDU breaks.
  • Members are instructed not to participate in their personal Performance and Development Review process. 

However, if you have line management responsibilities then you should conduct end of year reviews for those staff not participating in the action short of strike.

In addition, the following action short of a strike is ongoing, and members in pay bands 1-3 are instructed to continue with the following: 

  • Not to volunteer for Travel Ambassador duties or any other duties outside their Job Description. 
  • Not to buddy or mentor agency staff with Customer Experience roles. 

Longer term strategy

Action short of strike forms a vital part of a wider strategy strategy to achieve a fair and transparent pay system in TfL, which includes:

  • Challenging TfL legally, by undertaking individual and/or collective equal pay claims. We will be asking members to come forward if they believe that they are being paid less than colleagues doing the same or similar roles.
  • Building links with our political and community allies to put pressure on TfL to reward all of their employees fairly. We have strong links with the Mayor of London and members of his administration at City Hall, members of the Greater London Assembly, who regularly question the Mayor about TfL, and a range of community transport groups.
  • TSSA has secured agreement from TfL to a joint review of Pay for Performance in spring 2020.

To be effective, all members should participate in this action short of strike. If you have any questions about this or other matters, please contact your local TSSA rep or email Mel Taylor, TSSA Organiser, at:

In Solidarity

Mel Taylor, Organiser

TfL signage in Stratford station ©Donnacha DeLong

TfL action short of strike template letter

Send this to your line manager to inform them that you are engaged in action short of strike and will not be participating in your personal P&D process. This action is not taking place in London Underground & is not for LU members.

Copy or download the template letter