West Midlands Trains: Members to be Re-balloted for Strike Action

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We have today notified the company of our intention to re-ballot West Midlands Trains members on the question of strike action. We missed the legal minimum threshold for a lawful strike ballot by just one vote – showing more clearly than ever how crucial every single vote is in these ballots. Whilst our members can lawfully take action short of a strike, it is important for us to demonstrate our members’ strength of feeling by also delivering a YES vote for strike action.

The ballot will open on Thursday 28 July and close at midday on Thursday 25 August. This gives us plenty of time to allow for the holiday period and to ensure we have the best possible ballot return. The ballot return is crucial, as this is where we lost the strike action vote last time around – every single vote makes a difference.

Over 60% of WMT members who voted were in support of strike action and we achieved a voter turnout of over 50%. We came within a whisker of reaching the 40% legal minimum threshold of those members voting with the final result being an excruciatingly close 39.925%. It was frustrating and disappointing to fall short by such a miniscule amount, but this is why the anti-trade union laws were introduced – ie to restrict your ability to take action. Please use this opportunity to have your say and return your ballot paper to get us over the line this time.

Ballot papers should start arriving from Saturday 30 July, so if you haven’t received yours by early the following week then please request a replacement by emailing and include your current home address and contact details.

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We are fighting for better pay, a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies and for no changes to your terms and conditions. This about your job in the face of an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis. It's about our railway and our future. 

On the back of positive ballot results, we have seen industry leaders come back to the negotiating table and take our demands more seriously. Achieving a YES vote to strike action in WMT will send an even stronger message that we are determined to achieve better pay, conditions and job security for you and your colleagues.

Thank you to everyone for voting in the last ballot. We still have an active mandate to take industrial action short of strike. We are discussing with your reps when to use this mandate so please look out for updates on that coming very soon.

And if any of your colleagues are not yet in our TSSA union, please encourage them to join today to further strengthen your voice and our hand in negotiations.

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