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Effective industrial action by TSSA members at West Midlands Trains secured a two year pay deal, job security and protection of terms and conditions.

Your votes in the TSSA TOC member referendum gave national negotiators a mandate to accept the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) offers for Management Grades and General Grades.

WMT have confirmed that grades where TSSA is the only recognised union will receive their increased salary and backpay on or before 31 March. Management Grades will receive a 5% increase and backpay on or before 31 March, as will General Grades with sole TSSA recognition, such as DTCM and Controller grades.

WMT will not apply the increase in the current pay period for members in Supervisory, Clerical and Administrative grades, subject to joint recognition with RMT, currently in dispute.

Please check your payslip carefully to ensure that you have received the correct level of backpay, including allowances, which increased by 5% from your pay anniversary date (1 April 2022 for General Grades, 1 July 2022 for Management Grades).

WMT confirmed their implementation as follows:

“A 2-year pay deal for 2022 and 2023 applicable to all employees normally covered under management grades, comprising:

Year 1 - 5.0% from the respective anniversary date, subject to:

1. a minimum increase of £1,750 whichever is the greater; and,

2. a maximum increase of £5,000

Year 2 - 4% from the respective anniversary date

To clarify, this award will be able to be paid in WMT for the following groups:

• Management Grades where TSSA is recognised for collective bargaining purposes, including PM1, PM2 and Driver Managers

• Groups covered by the General Grades offer where TSSA has sole recognition, such as DTCMs (Duty Train Crew Managers) and Controller Grades

At this time, it is not possible to implement this pay award for any General Grades with joint union recognition, such as Supervisory, Clerical, and Administrative grades”.

Review the details of the RDG offers here

In addition to the no compulsory redundancies commitment set out by RDG for General Grades, WMT have confirmed in letters to collectively bargained Management Grade staff that they will also be subject to a no compulsory redundancies commitment until at least 31 March 2024.

Next steps

Members and reps will have a say on the implementation of proposals. Look out for details and speak to your reps about what the changes could mean for you. If you don’t have a rep in your workplace, please consider if you or a colleague you trust could get involved.

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