TSSA comment on Liz Truss winning Tory leadership contest

The Palace of Westminster

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has challenged new Conservative leader, Liz Truss, to provide the help needed to deal with the cost of living crisis.

Union leader Cortes said Truss, who beat rival Rishi Sunak, in results revealed today, had “offered nothing” to deal with the economic crisis during a leadership contest which had been “a charade about which candidate is the best Thatcherite.”

Cortes said only a Labour government could cure the country’s ills.

Commenting, Cortes said: “Liz Truss comes into Downing Street with millions of people in our country desperate for help in the face of an escalating Tory cost of living crisis.

“Truss has offered nothing to date which suggest she, or her party, have a clue about how to deal with soaring energy prices, inflation and much more, including giving our members a pay rise which stops them becoming poorer.

“The Conservative leadership contest has been a charade about which candidate is the best Thatcherite. At a time when the British people need serious government, rather than parlour games, this has been a wasted summer of ineptitude and inaction.

“The truth is Truss has won but won’t be able to chart the course needed to undo the damage inflicted on this country by twelve years of Tory rule.

“We need a change of government, a Labour government, not simply the shuffling of the pack to produce another new Tory Prime Minister.”

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