TSSA comment on TUC £15 minimum wage call

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TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has described in work poverty as 'a scandal’ backing a call from the TUC for a £15 an hour minimum wage. 

In a new report the TUC details the path to a £15 minimum wage and calls on the government to work with the Low Pay Commission (LPC) to deliver it as soon as possible. 

Cortes, leader of the rail and transport trade union, attacked the government saying that its so-called levelling up agenda would be meaningless unless it had at its core ‘wages which allow people to live from their wage packets’. 

Commenting, Cortes said: “It’s a scandal that in 21st century Britain so many people who have jobs have to rely on benefits to top up their earnings.  

“This Conservative government has allowed many companies to get hooked on low wages – meaning taxpayers pick up the bill, paying the difference between what people are paid and what they need to make ends meet.  

“If levelling up is going to have any real meaning beyond a soundbite then it must have at its core wages which allow people to live from their wage packets.” 

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