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TSSA - Your Union in Network Rail


TSSA represents clerical, supervisory, technical and management grades employed by Network Rail on a collective and individual basis.

On our Company News Page you can find the latest news on Network Rail Negotiations and Campaigns that we are involved with on behalf of our members. For the most up to date information follow us on twitter @TSSANetworkRail 

We have a significant membership base in Network Rail and it is a key company in our Union's Time to Grow Vision.


From November 2016 we will be holding elections of our Route and Central Area Councils. We encourage TSSA members, including those who have just joined the Union to consider standing for these positions.


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To become stronger, we need active members who will talk to others and lead campaigns to win our issues, in the workplace and community. We show our strength from acting together, collectively, uniting us as a union of members in which everyone has a role to play in improving our members working environment and terms & conditions.


Promoting the profile of TSSA and what we achieve for members is everyone’s role.

We improve the working lives of our members by negotiation and representation at separate National and Route/Functional Bargaining Councils for the grade/functional groups below:

  • Bands 1-4 Management and Controller Grades
  • Maintenance Bands 5-8 and equivalent
  • Operations and Customer Services Bands 5-8 and equivalent
  • Health and Safety & Equalities covering all of the above Grades

There are three levels of collective Bargaining, at National Council, at Area Councils and at Local Level in each workplace.


Find your TSSA Rep or get involved in your Union as a Rep?

We have TSSA Reps at National/Area and Local level within Network Rail and aim to have a TSSA Rep in every workplace; information on the main defined Representative Constituencies at Area Level and National Level are below and you can find out who your rep is or how to get more involved below:

News, Resources and Contacts

Further resources and useful information links for Network Rail Reps and members:

Join TSSA Online

Update your membership details online

Latest Network Rail Company News

Our TSSA Reps and Members Education Programme

Key TSSA Campaigns

TSSA Health & Safety Pages

TSSA Equalities

TSSA Education and Union Learning

TSSA main contact for Bands 1-4 and Controller Grades: Tony Wheeler

TSSA main contact for Maintenance Bands 5-8 and equivalent: Nick Child

TSSA main contact for Operations and Customer Services Bands 5-8 and equivalent: Chris Rylah

TSSA main contact for Health and Safety: Steve Coe

TSSA main contact for Equalities: Nadine Rae