C.I.É. pensions Labour Court recommendation

Constituent members of the Trade Union Group (TUG) are advised that the Labour Court recommendation on issues associated with the 1951 Superannuation Pension Scheme has just been issued.

The Recommendation is comprehensive and covers all issues that were previously proposed in the (rejected) WRC proposals.

The TUG intends to:

(a) Circulate Labour Court Recommendation so that members can read and digest its content.

(b) We will seek an immediate meeting with the (Full) 1951 Superannuation Pension Committee.

Whilst it is not our intention to communicate any immediate advices (allowing time for member reflection) on the content of the Labour Court Recommendation, we do reserve the right of response, should other parties that are not party to, or part of the Industrial Relations process, including the Labour Court Hearing(s) circulate commentary or opinions on the detail of the Labour Court Recommendation.

Issued by the (Unified) Trade Union Group (TUG)