GWR: TSSA Elections in TSD

I’m writing to TSSA members who work within the Train Service Delivery Department of GWR and work in Swindon. You are now eligible to vote in an election to fill the 2 remaining vacancies for the Swindon constituency. 3 valid nomination forms were received during the latest nomination process which closed on Monday 11 October.

An electronic election will now take place based on one member one vote. Each member will be entitled to vote for up to a maximum of 2 candidates.  Only TSSA members working within the constituency will be eligible to vote. The election will close at 13:00 on Wednesday 10th November 2021.

Election Statements

Please read through the following 3 candidate statements before voting (candidates are ordered alphabetically by Surname and statements are no more than 200 words each).

Alex Mills – Train Service Controller

Dear all,

At this critical time with the restructure taking place, I feel that I can support our working practices and conditions together for the benefit of all. I’ve been in the control around 5 years now (minus the year out) and believe I have the relationships required to look forward in representing you and making a difference,

Thank you,

Alex Mills

Somaaya Shaikh – Customer Information Controller

As you are aware I have been part of the TSD consultation and have managed to get the CIC team identified amongst other things, while we have made progress in the consultations, I believe there is a lot more to do. The last year has been hard on us all, and the impact on the sector has yet to be assessed fully. I believe that every member of the Union should be supported, and everyone’s views heard. If you vote for me, I will try my very best to be a strong union representative.

Chris Shimmin-Vincent – Route Information Specialist

I am a Route Information Specialist in Control and I am currently the staff representative for the new Customer Experience Manager role as part of the ongoing reorganisation of Train Service Delivery. I have had an extensive background as a union representative having been a Union rep across many organisations for the last 21 years such as the Equality and Diversity Rep in the University of Bath, Health and Safety Rep in Wiltshire Police and a Union Rep during my 10 years at British Airways. As part of these roles, I have covered everything from staff representation at meetings, pension negotiations, being on the committee during industrial action and being involved in pay and conditions negotiations

Now, more than ever, we need a voice and have recognition to avoid erosion to our terms and conditions and to ensure job security during these uncertain times.

I am passionate about getting a fair deal for everyone and making sure our voice is heard.

I hope you will vote for me and give me the honour of representing you all.

Voting rules and process

Before voting, please ensure that you have time, ideally with no distractions to complete the online vote as once you leave the webpage you cannot go back in to edit your response.

Do not forward on your voting link as this may invalidate/spoil your vote, you are only entitled to vote once.

To vote please click on the following link and vote for a maximum of 2 candidates before 13:00 on 10th November: (voting links are being sent direct to members within the constituency and won’t appear on the website to ensure one member one vote)

Existing members who have been unable to vote or new members who wish to vote should contact before 13:00 on Monday 8th November 2021. The sooner the contact the sooner we can seek to resolve the issue.

The period of office of the Colleagues Representatives will be three years. Therefore, terms of office will run until September 2024.

Following the election

I will meet with the representatives either virtually or face to face as soon after the election as possible and in advance of the first Joint Council meeting with the company which is due on 24th November 2021.

Further information

To read previous communications in relation to the election please click the following links:

Read Great Western Railway's August 2021 Communications from the Representative Elections here.

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