Members vote overwhelmingly to reject derisory TfL pay offer

In advance of pay talks TSSA submitted a pay claim (see below) to Transport for London (TfL), based on members’ feedback, for a consolidated RPI+ increase for all staff. At the last pay talks on 29 June, TfL made a derisory pay offer of 3%, which falls well below the current 11% rate of inflation and does not take into account the pay freeze in 2021. This pay offer does not apply to the minimum and maximum of each pay band, which means NO increase in pensionable pay for many TfL staff; instead they would receive a one-off payment and face another year of frozen pay.

In our recent pay referendum, which closed on Wednesday 6 July, members voted overwhelmingly – by a majority of 19 to 1 – to reject this initial offer. Members also indicated support for industrial action if we do not receive a significantly improved offer that is paid in full as a consolidated increase to all staff. TSSA and the other recognised trade unions were due to meet with TfL today (Thursday 7 July), for further pay talks. These talks were cancelled at short notice by TfL, who stated that they wanted time to consider all aspects of our pay claims.

TSSA wrote to TfL on Wednesday 6 July to formally reject their derisory offer and seek further talks as a matter of urgency. We have also met with our sister unions in TfL and will be writing jointly to TfL seeking a clear timetable for meaningful negotiations which must start as soon as possible. Read our response below.

Since 2015 the value of our members’ salaries has fallen by 20-30% compared with colleagues in London Underground and against the rate of inflation (RPI), which means that we are now working five days for four days’ pay! This pay suppression has also devalued our members’ pensions, which are based upon final salary - bonuses are not taken into account. This means that the real terms value of our members’ pensions is now 20-30% less than it was in 2015. This is without any further changes that may follow from the independent pension review.

  • TfL staff cannot afford another real terms pay cut. 
  • TfL staff deserve a substantial increase in pensionable pay and a longer term commitment from TfL's leadership to address the shortfall in salaries and pensions. 
  • TSSA members have told us clearly that they will not tolerate a further cut in the value of their salaries.

To make our voices heard and get a fair deal for TfL staff it is essential that we engage all of our members to ensure that they are behind our campaign for fair pay and that they are ready take part in any action.

Please share this message with your colleagues, as well as our fair pay posters (available for viewing and download below), which can also be printed out and put up on TfL union notice boards in your workplace. 

If you would like to get more involved in our campaign for fair pay then please email:

TfL TSSA pay claim documents and related materials

TSSA response to TfL pay offer 6.7.22



TSSA response to TfL pay offer 6 July 2022

TSSA pay claim to TfL 2022



TSSA pay claim to TfL 2022

Enough is Enough - TfL fair pay poster



Poster saying 'enough is enough' with metal weight falling on a jelly labelled 'TfL pay'

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