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  1. Budget Travel Update

    24 December 2009

    Your union met with the Administrators Mazars this week to get some clarity on issues outstanding from the collapse of Budget Travel

  2. Budget Travel Update

    15 December 2009

    A request has gone from this office to the "Administrator" that has been appointed to deal with the recent "Budget Travel" collapse.

  3. Swedish bosses set up secret company as they sack Irish workforce

    30 November 2009

    Swedish bosses at collapsed Budget Travel set up a secret shell company in Dublin just two days before they started sacking their Irish workforce, the TSSA travel union revealed today.

  4. Swedish owners must not walk away from Irish responsibilites

    25 November 2009

    The Swedish parent company of Budget Travel must pay proper redundancy terms to its dismissed workforce and ensure Irish holiday makers are looked after, the TSSA travel union said today.

  5. Sacked Budget Travel lodge mass unfair dismissal claim

    30 October 2009

    Over 70 sacked Budget Travel staff lodged unfair dismissal claims against the Scandavian owned travel company in Dublin today.

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