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Craftivism: When Activism Meets Art

A collection of craft tools such as pens,scissors,tape

Craftivism brings together the world of crafts (making something by hand) and activism (campaigning to bring about social or political change). Activism is sometimes viewed as something that only confident or extroverted people take part in, but activism doesn’t just mean joining a march or rally and shouting at the top of your voice. Often when we hear about activists, it is in these contexts, but activism and the world of craftivism is much wider than this. Activism can be impactful when it brings together people’s desire for change and their creative practice.  

During the first lockdowns of 2020, whilst we were restricted in social interactions, many people turned to creative outlets as a way of passing time but also as a way of expressing how they felt about particular issues. We had great examples of this from our membership in support of LGBT+ inclusion, from people making rainbow-coloured wreaths, to visual art, all the way through to playing a musical instrument outdoors for others to hear. Craftivism or art activism is all the things above and includes but is not limited to; photography, music, poetry, zines, knitting and storytelling.  

Today, I encourage you to think about the social and political issues which matter to you most. This could be workplace issues like fair pay, national issues like the rising cost of living or global issues like access to clean water or education. Find a craft that you enjoy and see what you can create that brings together that craft and the social or political issue that you care about. This form of activism is open to everyone, it’s not about creating a museum worthy piece of art but about expressing the need for political and social change whilst inspiring others to do the same.  

Share your craftivism with TSSA by emailing or tagging @TSSAUnion on social media.  

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